Every Turtle Counts

Marine turtles are one of the most loved group of animals on the planet. And rightly so. They’re beautiful and they’ve been on this planet for a very long time. Sadly, most species of sea turtles face a dire and uncertain future. Plastic ingestion, commercial fishing, poaching, coastal development and climate change are wreaking havoc […]

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Are divers impacting Grey Nurse sharks?

Wolf Rock, Queensland is the only known gestation site for grey nurse sharks along the east coast of Australia. The east coast population is considered Critically Endangered with approximately 1500 individuals thought to remain. Pregnant females reside at Wolf Rock for 9 to 12 months before moving southward to to educate the diving industry and […]

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Bringing back the Acid Frog

Frogs play an important role in terrestrial and aquatic food webs in our local coastal ecosystems. They are an indicator of ecosystem health. Sadly the majority of frog species are in rapid decline including four species of acid frogs found only in SE Qld and NE NSW. These cute little amphibians are threatened by habitat […]

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SO Manly

SO Manly is an innovative and collaborative approach to working with businesses to improve environmental and social outcomes in an iconic coastal hub.

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Restore the Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It stretches 2,300 kilometres down the eastern coast of Australia, covering an area the size of Italy. Like many coral reefs worldwide, the Great Barrier Reef is under threat from bleaching, storm damage, poor water quality and climate change. Donate as little as $4 and you can help save our reef!

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Operation Crayweed

Can you imagine losing a terrestrial species and no-one even noticed? That’s what happened to Sydney’s underwater forests in the 1980s due to poor water quality. Luckily a small pocket of scientists did notice and have now found a way to replant this critical habitat.
Help us restore Sydney’s underwater forests and bring back the fish that they support.

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AMSA 2015 Winner – Natasha Hardy

Food for thought: NSW fur seal dietary patterns and the role of vulnerable predators in ecosystem dynamics. Understanding the role of predators in shaping the dynamics of biological communities is paramount to improved conservation planning. This is particularly important on the south coast of NSW where populations of 2 vulnerable and protected predators, Australian & […]

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Satellite tag needed for Shelly

Shelly is one of our newly rescued turtles at Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary. She was exhausted and looking a lot worse for wear. But she’s on the mend. We’d like to fit her with a satellite tag so we can learn more about where she goes and what threats she comes across, research that is necessary if we are to help these threatened species.

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Monitoring wild dugong populations

Dugongs are under threat globally. Habitat loss, boat strike, hunting and other human impacts are taking their toll. This critical study was established to monitor a population over time. More than ever we need to continue this work.

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The secret life of the grey nurse shark

This project can provide critical information to management agencies that can be applied directly to protection of the breeding portion of this Critically Endangered population by identifying the missing aggregation site/s for gestating female GNS.

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