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Welcome to Turtle Watch, a tracking site where you can follow turtles that SEA LIFE Australia/NZ have rescued, rehabilitated and released back into the wild. Turtle Watch was created as an epicentre of turtle tracking for all SEA LIFE sites in Australia and New Zealand.

Each of these sites is actively involved in rescuing and rehabilitating injured, stranded or sick turtles found or brought to us. Once brought back to health the turtles are then tagged and released back into the wild. Whether it’s Melbourne, Sydney, Manly, Mooloolaba, or Auckland, turtles are found injured, malnourished or sick.

Turtles are facing unprecedented threats in the wild and run a gauntlet of risk just trying to survive. Fishing nets, plastic pollution, boat strikes, habitat loss and coastal development are individually and cumulatively impacting upon turtle numbers around the world.

By raising awareness of the plight of our turtles we can help protect remaining critical habitats and reduce our impacts like plastic ending up in the sea. The tracking data being collected will be used to inform conservation and management strategies for turtles in Australia and New Zealand.

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