In Sydney for the first time in 60 years a shark killed a man

In Sydney for the first time in 60 years there was a fatal shark attack on a man, reports SkyNews. The victim of the attack was a man swimming in the sea.

According to the media, the incident occurred in the afternoon at Malabar beach. According to eyewitnesses, the shark attacked a man swimming in a wetsuit away from the shore.

“Some guy was swimming there and the shark swam up to him and attacked,” said witness Chris Linto.

According to people, the shark was about 4.5 meters long, and the attack itself lasted no more than a minute. Medics arriving on the scene recorded the man’s death, adding that he had suffered injuries incompatible with life.

Police have not released any information at this time about the identity of the deceased. It is also reported to be the first fatal shark attack in Sydney since 1963.

Scientists have previously found that sharks attack more actively when the moon is full.