A white shark killed a swimmer in Australia

A man was mauled to death by a great white shark in Australia. The last minutes of life the swimmer shouted for help and tried to save, but died.
Over the past few years, shark attacks on humans have become more frequent. But, as experts note, even bees are more dangerous to humans than sharks.

The incident was recorded at Sydney’s Little Bay beach in Sydney. A man swam up to the rocks with an underwater gun. As writes Daily Mail, that day on the beach there were many swimmers, kayakers and fishermen.

Abruptly, a piercing scream was heard on the beach. People saw a shark rip a man in two. One eyewitness captured the attack on video, where you can trace how the shark first rushes in the water, and then the sea turns red with blood.

Rescuers went to look for the body of the deceased. Boats, helicopters and jet skis were used to conduct the operation. Soon the remains of the body and parts of the dead man’s wetsuit were found in the water, according to the New South Wales Police. Four ambulance crews and a rescue helicopter with an intensive care physician and paramedic arrived on the scene.

Law enforcement officials noted that the shark had torn off half of the swimmer’s body. The ambulance inspector stated that the man was catastrophically injured and could not be saved.

Experts from the Florida Museum of Natural History and the American Society for the Study of Platefishes have concluded that shark attacks on humans are increasing worldwide. They published the statistics in their report: last year a shark attacked a man 73 times. The year before the figure was at 52. A total of 11 deaths were recorded, with 9 of them unprovoked. Three of them were recorded in Australia, two in New Caledonia, and one each in the United States, Brazil, New Zealand and South Africa.