The area of Lord Howe

In Australia, one rat left the whole island without food

A ship with food supplies was never able to unload on the volcanic island of Lord Howe in Australia – a rat was found on board, and the cargo ship was quarantined for a week. To ensure that the inhabitants of the island are not left without food, the air force will take care of their emergency delivery, writes ABC News.

The area of Lord Howe is 14.55 square kilometers. The island is 10 kilometers long and about two kilometers wide. It is located in the Tasman Sea, 770 kilometers northeast of Sydney. Lord Howe is home to 347 people. At the same time, another 400 tourists are allowed to stay there. They usually come to surf and dive.

Quarantine was required to prevent pests from entering the island – since 2019, a rodent control program has been running on Lord Howe. They are protected from the unique wildlife of the island, the area of which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The inhabitants of Lord Howe are completely dependent on supplies from the mainland. It’s not just about grocery stores, but also workshops.