In France, created a "reserve of sea waves"

In France, created a “reserve of sea waves”

The reserve, which will help preserve the unique sea waves, was created in the French region of Brittany. In the waters that wash this peninsula, it is now forbidden to carry out any work that can change the marine environment.

The initiators were local surfers, according to whom the waves in this place have a unique physical structure that can be disturbed if they decide to build a dam, a port or wind farms in sea waters.

The status of the reserve will help preserve the local ecosystem and the purity of the waters – a favorite place for wave-riders from all over the world due to strong winds and huge waves. In addition, thousands of tourists come to the region every year to admire the power of the Atlantic Ocean.

In another French region, on the island of Corsica, environmentalists are seeking legal personality for the Tavignano River. It is recognized as a natural area and serves as a refuge for rich fauna and flora. In addition, its waters are used to irrigate fields.

However, at its mouth, businessmen set out to build a landfill for industrial waste. The status of a legal entity will make it possible to challenge these plans in court.

And in Spain, according to Euro Puls, the shallow lagoon of Mar Menor was raised to such a legal category. Declared by the UN as a specially protected natural area, the lagoon was once part of the Mediterranean Sea, but for many centuries it has been separated from it by a sandy spit.

As a result, a unique ecosystem has developed in a shallow salt lake with an area of ​​170 square kilometers. However, damage to the unique reservoir was caused by local enterprises. For example, dumping agricultural fertilizers in 2016 resulted in 98% of the mussels dying in the lagoon.

The decision, which activists have achieved, provides the official right to file lawsuits to protect its water area from environmental damage.