About Us

The SEA LIFE Trust  is a  Organisation dedicated to the protection of marine wildlife and conservation of aquatic habitats. We work with a number of carefully selected conservation partners and as a result we do not currently accept unsolicited funding applications.

We work globally, regionally and locally in a range of areas including but not exclusive to:

  • Aquatic habitat restoration & protection;
  • Banning shark finning and the consumption of shark fin soup;
  • Rescued and rehabbed turtle tracking via TurtleWatch;
  • Supporting improvements in fishing gear to minimise bycatch;
  • Ending the use of fatal shark mitigation programs such as drumlines (WA & Qld) and shark nets (NSW, Qld) & supporting non-lethal shark mitigation strategies;
  • Banning whaling and the movement of whale meat;

Through innovative conservation campaigns, scientific research and inspiring education we champion the need for an end to overexploitation of marine life and destruction of their habitat.

Our vision is a world where vital marine habitats and wildlife are respected and conserved, where fish stocks are abundant and plastic pollution is extinct. We can only achieve this with your support.

All donations over $2 to the SEA LIFE Trust  are tax deductible.