Plastic Bottle Free Schools

In 2013/14 the SEA LIFE Trust worked with students in all government schools in the Canterbury LGA in a project called ‘2193 Plastic Water Bottle Free’. SEA LIFE Trust ANZ contributed funding to these schools (five in total)  for water refill stations and their installation in a bid to reduce the schools’ plastic footprint. Students became engaged in the issues of plastic reduction and the impacts of plastic pollution. Particularly passionate students from Canterbury Girls High wrote op-ed pieces in the SMH about the container deposit legislation; they even organised a debate between Coca Cola and the Total Environment Centre on the merits of a 10c refund policyfor drink containers!

The project was launched on Schools Clean Up Australia Day 2014 which was attended by Canterbury Mayor Brian Robson, Rotary Campsie, Total Environment Centre and students from each of the schools.

You can find the media stories related to this project here.

The SEA LIFE Trust has secured a grant from Leichhardt Council to reduce the plastic footprint of the next postcode of schools – 2040! Watch this space.

1,000km Habitat Challenge

Freshwater fish are the most endangered group of animals on the planet. Loss of habitat due to heavy water regulation for human use is largely at cause. So we thought we would set a challenge to restore 1,000km of habitat for native fish.

And we’re about a quarter of the way there.

Working with NSW DPI and State Water Corporation we’ve contributed funds to remove several redundant weirs.

Woorawadian weir in rural NSW (pic left)  is now no longer, restoring up to 50kms of river for freshwater fish to more through, often a necessary requirement for reproduction.

You can donate to help restore critical freshwater habitat. No matter how small all donations add up. 100% of your donation goes to habitat restoration.