Switch for the Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is currently undergoing the worst bleaching event in our history of reporting such events. Scientists are not wholly confident of the reef’s ability to recover. We may lose it entirely.

Extended periods of high water temperatures have even affected corals in Sydney Harbour. This is unheard of.

The problem may seem insurmountable but each one of us can make a positive difference, every day. And we must to give the reef even the remotest chance to recover.

Here are 6 things you can switch today to save the Great Barrier Reef:

1. Switch off your lights or appliances when not in use. Not only will you save emissions you’ll save money too!

2. Switch to your bike more often – are there some trips you can give up the car for? Not only is it healthier, you’ll save money on fuel.

3. Switch your energy supplier. Powershop supplies 100% renewable energy for about the same price as dirty & destructive coal. There’s absolutely no excuse to keep using coal powered energy when there are renewable energy options readily available.

4. Switch your super to a fund that’s divested from fossil fuel investments. Funds that are focused on renewable energy industries are outperforming those that support outdated industries like coal mining. At current performance levels you’re likely to make more money!

5. Switch your bank – is your bank heavily invested in fossil fuels? There are several banks that are ocean friendly by only supporting renewable energy investment. 

6. Switch to a meat-free Monday – farting cows are responsible for a large part of the 18% carbon emission contributions from agriculture. If we all went vego for just one day not only would you save money, a lot of animals being harmed, reduce your carbon footprint, and potentially alleviate world hunger, it could improve your health.

If each of us did any one or all of them imagine how many emissions would be saved? Not to mention new industries and jobs created.

But most importantly, we may, just may, have a reef to show our kids & their kids.